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Indiana voters are finding it hard to believe that after seven years of promises, and grassroots support through three historic wave election victories, the Republicans still couldn’t deliver on repealing Obamacare.

Dr. Richard Moss, in a recent talk to the Second Amendment Patriots in Evansville, said, “We sent our representatives to Washington to do a job. We did not send them there to break their promises or capitulate. But on issue after issue, capitulate is exactly what they have done. They are ‘Surrender Republicans.’”

He went on to say, “We will not save the nation with two liberal parties. We cannot have a hard left Marxist party Democrat Party and a big government, big spending, liberal progressive, Republican Party. The trajectory is all to the left: more spending, more debt, more government, more socialism, more tyranny. We cannot accept a Republican party that campaigns one way and votes another, makes promises it has no intention of keeping, that goes to Washington, cuts deals with Democrats, grows government, and bankrupts our children.”

He believes that the Republican Party is and must be the vehicle through which we will save the nation. But it must be a new, revitalized Republican Party, a party of limited government and a strong private sector and vibrant civil society.

His solution for Indiana’s 8th Congressional district? To repeal and replace “Mr. status quo, liberal RINO Larry Bucshon” for failing to deliver his promises to the voters in 2016.

In his speech, Dr. Moss said, “Larry Bucshon has become a typical DC politician. He has taken a page from Richard Lugar’s and Evan Bayh’s play book by moving his family to Washington. He doesn’t even live in the community he represents. Instead, he hangs around Washington insiders and lobbyists and forgot what the voters in Indiana sent him to do. His funding is now 98% from PACs and large donors.”

Dr. Moss is preparing his official announcement to run for Congress in District 8. His platform will be based on four principles, American Values, Opportunity for All, Freedom, and American Strength.

American Values include faith and family, and Judeo-Christian values like freedom of religion and traditional marriage.

Opportunity for All is the way to prosperity for all, especially the poor. He wants to unleash the American economy by cutting taxes, and rolling back insane regulations and EPA rules designed to stifle the power and creativity of the American entrepreneur. He favors the repeal of job-killing Obamacare, and insists that every Congressman be on the same health care plan they have imposed on us. He also supports a balanced budget amendment, limiting the size of government and restoring free market capitalism.

Dr. Moss feels that freedom is at the heart of American greatness and exceptionalism. He stands for liberty, American sovereignty, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

With American values, American opportunity and American freedom, we must realize that a country can’t survive on the good intentions of our neighbors. That’s why Dr. Moss supports American Strength by rebuilding our National Defense. He feels that social experiments like transgender soldiers take away from the purpose of the Army, which is to defeat our enemies. The world is safer and America is safer when we have the strongest military in world.

Finally, he believes that our country is not safe unless it can protect it’s borders from terrorists, drug smugglers and illegal aliens who take American jobs and depress wages. It’s a scandal and disgrace that 16 years after 9/11 the federal government still hasn’t secured our border.

Dr. Richard Moss is a head and neck cancer surgeon and was a candidate for Congress in 2016.

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