Musicians and Venues, Share Your Festival Info!

If you know of a live music festival that’s  open to the public, we’re happy to tell our readers about it.

The easiest way to do this is to copy the url of their facebook event into the form below.

You must be a member in order to have your festivals listed, so please JOIN HERE. It’s free to join and free to post and it only takes 28 seconds!


TELL US WHERE YOU POST: If you regularly post festival events to a facebook group, please include the link to the group or the group name in the form below. We automatically review the best festivals to see their upcoming events.

POST YOUR INFO EARLY! Don’t wait until the last minute to tell people!

INCLUDE YOUR CITY and VENUE. When you create your original event on Facebook, it’s very helpful to mention your location in the title. (“Yardbirds Festival” in Charlotte, NC” instead of “Yardbirds Festival.”) People visit your Facebook groups from all over the area and it makes our listings easier for people to review.


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