Chicago Showcases Old and New Acts

Originally from Wilmette, Fall Out Boy has become one of the most popular musical groups currently performing. This very active band consists of bassist Pete Wentz, guitarist Joe Trohman, drummer Andy Hurley and vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump. Since starting out in 2001, this band has hit it big in radio and music videos. Just recently in Chicago at the Riviera Theater, Fall Out Boy performed some of its favorites in front of a thrilled hometown crowd.


This band from Chicago started performing in 1994, has a huge fan base and packs in the crowd during every performance to hear favorites like “Trees.” Marty Casey, Billy Sawilchik, Dino Kourelis and Bob Kourelis are the band members of Lovehammers, and they seem to get as much enjoyment from performing live as their fans get from watching.


Rock band Chevelle is known for its intense sound, performances and devoted fans. From Grayslake, this band started off in 1995 and currently consists of Dean Bernandini and brothers Joe, Pete and Sam Loeffler. Chevelle continues to perform hits like “Send The Pain Below” for its longtime fans and continues to gain new ones all over the world during its performances in places as far away as South Africa.


The music makers from Zion have become famous for their original sound and creativity. Local H has won over fans with hits like “All The Kids Are Right.” This duo consists of Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair as current members, whose work continues to inspire thousands of new artists in Chicago. Local H has created memorable live performances for its fans who are looking forward to looking forward to the band’s new music


OK Go gained millions of fans with its “Here It Goes Again” video, with band members deftly choreographed maneuvering on treadmills. Fans who knew the group before it became world famous for that Grammy Award-winning performance know that this band originally got its start right here in Chicago. Now residing in Los Angeles, OK Go consists of members Damian Kulash, Andy Ross, Tim Nordwind and Dan Konop


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