Old and New, Seattle is the Source for Great Music

Pearl Jam is a renowned band in the heart of Seattle, commonly known as Mookie Blaylock. They have been entertaining Americans for 27 years now. The five-membered band has performed live concerts, given solo performances and released super-hit music albums. These brilliant singers have backed up social justice and non-profit charity projects around the globe. Their vocals in combination with Guitar, Harmonica, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bass, Drums, Percussion and Piano mesmerize the audience.




Seattle based band Foo Fighters, also known as The Holy Shits. Founded by the one man, Dave Grohl, after the failure of his first band due to the death of his mate, Kurt Cobain. Over the past two decades, the band has been assembled and disassembled many times. But, in the end, the harmony among seven singers and instrument players established. Now, Foo Fighters consist of six people with the ability to play Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard and Drums.




Chris Cornell founded the Seattle based band with lead guitarist, Kim Thayil. Soundgarden dissolved in 1997 due to internal conflicts and break ups. After a decade, they rose in 2010 with an image of an astonishing band from the 90’s. They are considered the pioneer of grunge music genre. Chris Cornell gave a new meaning and image to the music with his roars. He studied Law at UCLA and was awarded a scholarship.


Producers of Grammy-nominated, Infinite Arms, the Seattle based energetic band was founded in 2004 by Ben Bridwell. Formerly the band was known as ‘Horses’. They moved to South Carolina for a while, to the hometown of the founder. The crew members changed over the years, but Ben Bridwell kept the music flowing. They are ruling the hearts of the Northwestern population with a blend of woodsy mid-tempo rock and reverb-laden vocals.


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