Variety is the Key for New Bands in Austin

‘Otis the Destroyer’ is a side project formed by singer/guitarist Taylor Wilkins in 2015 near the end of his tenure with his former band, the Couch. It was originally called Belushi, which became the title of their first EP, a heavy fuzzed-out rock record with a lineup of veterans from his previous bands: Anthony Rucci on guitar, Clellan Hyatt on drums, plus Kyle Robarge and Andrew Dalton splitting duties on bass.


Austin’s Bee Caves exists in between the layers of American music, showing a range as impressive and diverse as to blur the lines that divide rock, psychedelic noise and timeless Americana. The band’s members include synth player Michael Reynolds, the vocalist, Reed Calhoun, the guitarist, Sam Kearney and drummer/producer Danny Reisch, who are eager to challenge both themselves and their audiences artistically. According to Calhoun, “why I’m alive, what my relationships mean, and really just what the f–k are we all doing here.”  Although it is difficult to pin down which genre to label the quartet, yet their formula is working, with the band being named a Black Fret grant recipient last year


This brand new Austin, Texas act is something far rarer: The Bishop is a hip-hop super group made up of people who are real-life family members each with their own career outside of this new collaboration. And an exciting collaboration it is, coming in the form of synth-ed up single “Blood Ring.” These siblings are well rooted in hip-hop, RNB and modern dance floor music (especially trap and deep house on the snares and melody respectively). Chris, 24, Troy, 20, and Cara, 18, make up this family band. Troy, the producer and beat-maker, Chris, the rapper, or Cara, the vocalist. Growing up in North Austin, Troy and Chris were making music together from a young age (12 and 16, respectively); and then Cara revealed her singing talent, to the surprise of her brothers, when she was 14.


The band members Jason Chronis, (bass) and Matt Simon (drums), Natalie Ribbons (vocalist) and Keyboardist Sarah La Puerta joined in 2014. Their collaboration was forged in the white-hot embers of inspired happy accidents, furnishing an onslaught of rapid-fire creative output that is now a joy to behold. Newly formed Tele Novella’s SXSW set was so well received that the band immediately booked a tour, put out an EP, and was invited to record a couple songs for a tribute album to the filmmaker Wes Anderson. As their fan base grew, so did anticipation of a debut LP. After almost a year of touring to promote the album, the quartet will appear this month at SXSW and the Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho, before taking a much-needed break.

The indie pop-rock band released its debut LP, In Case You Just Tuned In, in September after an “arduous” process, with about a year spent writing, rewriting, demoing, and pre-production. Fortunately, their friendship keeps the songwriting process a fun and collaborative affair. While White Label Analog self-produced the record, allowing them the autonomy to create without outside influence, they turned to a number of mixing engineers to deliver the fully realized sound they were seeking. The result is an eclectic group of songs that seems to pull as much from pop rock traditions.The members of Austin, Texas-based White Label Analo are: vocalist Chris Didear, drummer/vocalist Heath Macintosh, and bassist Aaron Herbster



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