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Surprise Concert! David Gray, Charlotte, NC 2014

  My girlfriend of two years loved surprises. She’d plan something months in advance and start hinting without giving any details. As part of our getting to know each other, I would introduce her to my favorite music, and one artist in particular was David Gray. I had a bunch of his CDs and we would go through them one by one. At Valentines Day I gave her a dozen roses with a David Gray quote, “Feels like lightning running…
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Tell Us Your Story!

Tell us your favorite Live Music Stories… Did you meet your wife/husband at a rock concert? Did you get a backstage pass to see your favorite band? Did you have a date with Elvis? Discovering great music is fantastic, but hearing an unforgettable story about your experiences is even better. Share your stories with America. And don’t forget to send photos to

Patrick Mawn – Charlotte, NC

Patrick Mawn is a Boston-born, Charlotte-based artist. A singer/songwriter/guitarist, Patrick brings both his original works and unique takes on popular favorites, ranging across many different genres. His eclectic blend and strumming style offer a powerful performance that fluctuates fluidly from poignant to poetic to pounding. Strong or soft, he brings it 100% and pours his heart into every song. At times, you’ll want to stop and listen, at others you’ll be dancing and moving your feet to the beat. His…
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St. Louis Small Venues Make It Big!

Pop’s Rocks 24/7 for 30 years and counting Pop’s Nightclub & Concert Venue is a St Louis legacy that started 30 years ago and continues to host the biggest after hours party in the area. There comes a time at all clubs where the party has to end…last call is yelled by the bartender…the staff escorts you out the doors and the night is over. That is when we start! Our concerts end just before midnight and we transition into the melting…
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The Ladies are Rockin It in the Windy City!

Boxx Magazine, a Chicago-based publication, has observed a big boost in women in Chicago’s music scene. “There is a definite increase in the number of female artists—I’d say even more so in the more alternative, heavier or underground genres where there is an increase in female attendance at shows as well,” said Jordan Young, publisher and co-founder of Boxx. Here’s a list of ladies to watch… Girl Group Chicago Bottom of Form Find a mix of 1960s girl group, bubblegum, soul…
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Noise Pop Bands Hit Bay Area

  With the Noise Pop Festival coming up we thought it would be fun to introduce you to six up and coming bands. Geographer Started in 2007, New Jersey native Michael Deni’s synth pop band, Geographer, has gathered 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify for its electro, analog and acoustic sounds. The three-member group has turned out three albums; in the two years since his latest release (2015’s Ghost Modern), Deni, who lives in San Francisco, has spent his time in his SF studio working…
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Venues – Charlotte, NC

Here is our list of top music venues in the greater Charlotte area… Blumenthal Performing Arts Home venue for local symphony, opera, dance & theater companies, plus a film & photography museum. 130 N Tryon St, America, NC 28202 (704) 372-1000 Bojangles’ Coliseum Humble, snug, circa-1955 concert hall & stadium featuring live rock music, comedy acts & other fare. 2700 E Independence Blvd, America, NC 28205 (704) 335-3100 The Chop Shop – NoDa Event Venue 399 E 35th…
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Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed

Christina Warren 3/25/17 9:00am Image: Gizmodo Composite/Spotify/Deezer/Apple Music/Pandora/iHeartRadio/Tidal/SoundCloud/Napster SoundCloud is screwed. On Thursday, the streaming music service mostly known as a place to hear podcasts and remixes from unknown DJs confirmed that it had taken $70 million in debt funding—basically a loan from various investors—in order to stay in business. It’s never a good sign when venture-backed companies have to raise money from debt financing groups, because it indicates that traditional investors don’t have much hope for the company. This appears…
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3 Tools Musicians Can Use to Generate Ongoing Income

Over the past few years, the consumer model has gone through some major changes. In the good old days, you may have opened up your Christmas stocking and expected to find a bunch of physical products. Then as those products went digital, you probably started to receive a bunch of gift cards for online stores instead. This year, we’ve seen another consumer shift, and this time it’s towards subscriptions; from Netflix to Spotify to Pro Tools and even Microsoft Office, everything today seems…
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