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Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed

Christina Warren 3/25/17 9:00am Image: Gizmodo Composite/Spotify/Deezer/Apple Music/Pandora/iHeartRadio/Tidal/SoundCloud/Napster SoundCloud is screwed. On Thursday, the streaming music service mostly known as a place to hear podcasts and remixes from unknown DJs confirmed that it had taken $70 million in debt funding—basically a loan from various investors—in order to stay in business. It’s never a good sign when venture-backed companies have to raise money from debt financing groups, because it indicates that traditional investors don’t have much hope for the company. This appears…
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3 Tools Musicians Can Use to Generate Ongoing Income

Over the past few years, the consumer model has gone through some major changes. In the good old days, you may have opened up your Christmas stocking and expected to find a bunch of physical products. Then as those products went digital, you probably started to receive a bunch of gift cards for online stores instead. This year, we’ve seen another consumer shift, and this time it’s towards subscriptions; from Netflix to Spotify to Pro Tools and even Microsoft Office, everything today seems…
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12 Essential Apps for DIY Musicians and Bands

August 14, 2017 In For Artists, For Managers, Technology By Carson Yarbrough Breaking through in the music industry can seem like a huge endeavor, but you can make it easier on yourself with these 12 essential apps for musicians, particularly those indie artists doing it all on their own. We gathered insights by speaking with a few successful, self-made musicians to discover the best apps to help you get ahead. Embrace the world of modern technology to escalate your efforts with these integrative and…
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​7 main services for musicians

With the development of the Internet, nowadays each artist has the opportunity to earn from sales and streams of his music without managers or labels. In this article, we will give an overview of 7 major services for musicians, with which you can promote your work and receive income from it. Bandcamp This music resource is targeted at three categories of users: fans, artists and labels. For the first, the company provides a large selection of music in different genres,…
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