Surprise Concert! David Gray, Charlotte, NC 2014


My girlfriend of two years loved surprises. She’d plan something months in advance and start hinting without giving any details. As part of our getting to know each other, I would introduce her to my favorite music, and one artist in particular was David Gray.

I had a bunch of his CDs and we would go through them one by one. At Valentines Day I gave her a dozen roses with a David Gray quote, “Feels like lightning running through my veins” and we would give each other David Gray CDs for Christmas until we’d built up almost the entire collection.



So surprise day comes and we head toward Uptown Charlotte. First I thought we were heading for a Panther’s game – the team we both support. Then we turned right toward a local music venue.

At this point I was sure we were going to see a country music show, which is something she had introduced ME to.

I like surprises, so I decided to ignore the signage and try not to guess who we would be seeing.

We took our seats in the fourth row, left and that’s when I saw the equipment box on stage and knew we were in for a great show!



After five years of dating, I asked her to marry me at the Trevi fountain in Rome, but that’s another story!

Don, Charlotte, NC

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